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By Norma Beavers

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Jinfo has had a busy quarter producing a full range of articles, blogs, reports and webinars about content purchasing, knowledge management, information strategy and managing a research team. Take a look back at our highlights, to take stock of where your organisation stands while contemplating your next steps.


Every quarter Jinfo brings together the most pertinent articles, product reviews, webinars and Community sessions into a summary blog to give our Subscribers in four key information areas a snapshot of what they may have missed or what's upcoming that's pertinent to them. 

If you've missed any of these or want to revisit them, here's an introduction to the summaries from the last quarter, plus the links to read the full items. 

Information strategy

One of our aims at Jinfo is to turn original research into practical tools to save you time; get you to the right answers for your organisation; and support your communication with senior leadership, partners and suppliers.

A key issue we keep coming back to is what does it take to "own" information strategy for your business, and what skills and partnerships do you need to strengthen that strategy? These issues have been discussed in detail during the quarter, find out more in "Jinfo for information strategy".

Managing a research team

Unsure about which services give the most value to your research customers and which offer the most strategic input to the business? Why not learn from the experience of workshops held recently by Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, for customers in sectors such as the sciences, banking, professional services and government? 

Robin discusses the key markers against which you can evaluate your services with help from Jinfo Consulting. Developing clarity on the services you offer is important. For a full breakdown and listing of our most recent subscription content for those managing teams of researchers, see "Jinfo for managing a research team".

Content purchasing

Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf kicked off the year by considering how content purchasers "are increasingly data purchasers". Noting this area of expertise is closely related to content procurement, Robin argued that it "also requires you to overcome a new learning curve about what's available, the pricing models, and how stakeholders want to integrate data into their projects".

Best practice suggests that you should proactively negotiate data access into your contracts. But fundamental questions about the new data environment in which we now work have to be discussed. For a full roundup of the key issues, see "Jinfo for content purchasing".

Knowledge management

These days a key talking point in knowledge management is whether - or how soon - it will it be before internal information and subscription sources are as easy to search and access as those on Google. And how responsible are content owners and end-users for getting to a point where knowledge management runs as effectively as Google does?

At the heart of the issue is how well organisations are balancing technology, content, user behaviour and business goals. The resources Jinfo produced during the Research Focus, "Data analytics - ready your information service", are especially applicable. Why not set aside a little time to catch up and begin your review of the first quarter with "Jinfo for knowledge management".

Find out more

For easy access to future "Jinfo for role" summaries, bookmark our "What's New?" page and you'll find them listed under Blog items.

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