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By Norma Beavers


Is there a database that can provide information across the whole drug lifecycle, from profiles of drugs in development, insights into clinical trials and how these advance drugs through to regulatory pathways, to safety reports associated with a drug, and current deals with the organisations involved? We see how AdisInsight stacks up.


The AdisInsight database from Adis, a Springer Nature company, has been upgraded following feedback from customers. We recently looked at those improvements in "Mini review of AdisInsight - a 'one-stop solution' for pharmaceutical researchers".

The database has been upgraded to improve the customer's experience of gathering information on all the areas the platform offers - scientific information on drugs in commercial development, key clinical trials, deals, and safety profiles. The improvements add to what was already an innovative offering when first reviewed by Jinfo in 2015.

Jinfo contributor Dr Michelle Maxwell gives you a step by step guide to how the new platform performs and the technology that drives it.

She writes, "The search functionality continues to evolve with the introduction of new search parameters, structure search and the ability to see your last five searches. The export options have improved and now let you cherry-pick data and print in grid view. The interface has improved with increased options in the left-hand column and the inclusion of various filters to narrow down searches."

Improved experience and enriched content

To achieve some of these changes, Adis has teamed up with Amplion, a market leader in biomarker information. The partnership has helped "to enrich drug and clinical trial content in the AdisInsight platform with curated biomarker data. The new data is fully integrated into the AdisInsight platform, meaning that users can perform quick or advanced searches across the data, view biomarker information within drug and trial profiles, and include it with exports and alerts", writes Michelle.

The improvements to the platform have come following feedback from Adis customers, typically research scientists, clinicians, procurement and venture capitalists. All have different requirements for their information research and analysis.

According to the review, "The improved search functionality and ability to search by structure has helped the research community get the results they need more quickly. Improvements to the export options, to support various file formats, have made it easier to share data on the platform. This is very important when looking for opportunities for deals, drug regulatory panels and when looking for a gap in the market."

Find out more

The AdisInsight platform may still at first sight look like the version launched in 2015 but technologically it has changed. To find out how far the changes go, why not take a look at "Mini review of AdisInsight - a 'one-stop solution' for pharmaceutical researchers".

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