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By Elizabeth Trudell

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Take part in our survey on information discovery - its challenges, platforms and implementation. You'll receive a copy of the report as a thank you.


When we talk to information managers about thorny problems that never seem to be fully resolved, the topic of content discovery invariably comes up. I'm working with Jinfo to undertake a research project, focused primarily on external or third-party content, to document the tools and approaches you use to make information discoverable.

The survey is open for your anonymous participation. It gathers data about:

  • Your priorities with discovery
  • Which tools you use or are considering using
  • Your biggest challenges in implementing effective discovery.

You may note in the initial question on the survey that we're particularly interested in science-related industries; this is because our experience to date suggests that these industries tend to have more complex needs and approaches to the problem of discovery. However, the survey is open to you regardless of your industry - please simply use the "other" field if you do not see your industry represented.

Following initial analysis of survey results, we will also conduct follow-up interviews.

We'll be presenting results at SLA's annual conference in June, as well as via webinar (dates TBD) and publishing a report. If you provide a valid email address at the end of the survey, you'll receive a copy of the report, as well as more information about webinars and other presentations on the findings.

Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey now - I look forward to bringing you the results.

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