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By Norma Beavers

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CID is a 150-person company based close to Frankfurt; it may be relatively small but it has the clout to compete against IBM and other information and technology giants. In "Q&A with CID - from analysis to action", we speak to Alexander Stumpfegger, CID's managing director, to uncover the company's secrets to success.


CID has a 20-year history in information retrieval and analysis, it employs 150 staff, and is a family run business. In Jinfo's "Q&A with CID - from analysis to action", Alexander Stumpfegger, CID's managing director, says all this is significant and matters to its clients for good reason.

In-house development

"We offer a very interesting combination of a traditional family business, focusing on long-term customer relationships - not an exit strategy - mixed with this start-up-like R&D focus on the creation of very new technologies. We see that our customers appreciate not just our technology, but also the way that we work with them," Alexander explains.

Personalisation seems to matter to this company, so small wonder that it is so successful.

Among its other secrets to success, Alexander notes that, "We support 40 languages, including not only European languages but also Japanese and Chinese; we are not English-only or just English and Spanish."

In addition, he explains, "Everything that we do, we build in-house, we do not use open-source components. Building everything in-house allows us to reach the extra level of precision and performance that others cannot - or at least cannot without extra project efforts and reaching out to communities and so on."

How the technology is different

Geographically CID operates and supports customers across western Europe and North America and Alexander says CID offers a technology that is different to others. "The identification and extraction of the specific events and the ability to link to specific internal taxonomies is already a key differentiator. Others such as Moreover, now LexisNexis Newsdesk, simply just don't do it," he tells interviewer Chris Porter in "Q&A with CID - from analysis to action".

CID has algorithms to detect new trending topics, without any pre-configuration. "Just by analysing the incoming stream of information, our system can tell you today, at this hour, at this minute, these are the trending topics, overall or can focus on a specific person, company or industry sector; it brings new trends to the surface," Alexander says.

Find out more

To find out about CID's growing customer base and more about its technology take a look at Jinfo's interview with Alexander Stumpfegger, "Q&A with CID - from analysis to action".

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