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By Norma Beavers


Springer for R&D offers access to over 10 million scientific documents which are constantly being updated to keep pace with change. Jinfo's new "Product review of Springer for R&D" gives you a complete overview of Springer Nature's online service which has been designed to deliver quality STM research with an intuitive user experience.


Springer for R&D is Springer Nature's corporate version of the SpringerLink online platform. It is reputed to be the world's most complete online collection of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) as well as Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) books, journals, reference works and protocols, covering research and development disciplines.

Jinfo contributor Michelle Maxwell puts the system to the test in our "Product review of Springer for R&D". The platform's content is available in English and German and Michelle takes you through the technology and overall value of the system as well as its content and coverage.

Smart return on investment

Springer for R&D offers access to over 10 million scientific documents which are constantly being updated to keep pace with change.

Michelle explains, "Springer for R&D provides rapid access to specific articles, relevant chapters and reference works, with an easy to manage administration site, allowing information managers to track searches and sections of the platform most frequently used.

"This information provides companies with a reason to continue using the platform and can, through the use of tracking and references, lead to collaboration with similar research groups, organisations or sales opportunities."

The platform can highlight the content that users need most; combined with flexible business models, this can offer a smart return on investment.

Among other benefits, users can find new content using their own publication alerts based on author, subject, keyword and publication, or can subscribe to Springer's RSS feeds to get new titles delivered directly to their desktop. "Users can also access peer-reviewed articles before they are published, enabling the circulation of critical discoveries and possibly accelerating collaboration between parties", explains Michelle.

Find out more

Springer for R&D operates a colour-coding system to help drive efficiency and there are other features that can benefit you as you search. If you don't want to be left behind, take a look at "Product review of Springer for R&D".

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