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By Catherine Dhanjal

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We find out how new market entrant Emissary brings new insights to the sales intelligence process.


You're researching a company, using the usual top end subscription databases, supplemented perhaps by some of the newer entrants such as the likes of Owler or even free data direct from Companies House.

Getting insider insight

But what's missing is that insider insight:

  • How are the departments organised?
  • Someone has the role of chief information officer - but what does that actually mean for that particular organisation?
  • Who's likely to make buying decisions or be involved in them? 

Much of this knowledge may not even be documented or at least not in a formal or regular fashion. Rather, this is the kind of information that's really hard to find unless you happen to have a contact within the company.

A new entrant to the sales intelligence space

As Michael Levy's recent interview with David Hammer shows, it's now possible to get these insights in a concerted way through a new service called Emissary. 

As David explains, "Our emissaries are former decision-makers at the companies our clients are selling to, who help sellers understand the buying environment and corporate culture. All emissaries are vetted for recency (18 months is our standard) and seniority (we target VP/director level and above)."

Based in New York and currently focusing on the US market, David hints at plans for expansion, "We believe there's a lot of potential for markets outside the US, but aren't ready to announce anything quite yet."

Find out more

Jinfo Subscribers can log-in now to read our "Q&A with Emissary - the importance of tacit knowledge" where we ask CEO and founder David Hammer how his new venture capitalises on in-company experience and "institutional knowledge" and makes it available to researchers.

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