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By Helen Josephine


My Favourite Tipples are shared by Helen Josephine, a consultant in the library/publishing world and a member of the product advisory group for several publishing and software development companies. She shares her favourite online tools in the area of space and aviation.


The excitement of SpaceX, the journey to Mars and the announcement of the new class of National Astronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts has captured me. Keeping up with the rapidly evolving global space industry is challenging. New companies are entering the marketplace and government agencies are changing their focus. Global data on equipment, flights, launches, missions and satellites are required to facilitate industry-government partnerships and to help newly evaluated companies entering the sector. Sources that can supply photos and videos of launches and space exploration are helping to tell the story.

  • NewSpace Global: This is a premier resource for tracking private and public companies in the space industry through reports and updates on the marketing growth for reusable rockets, small satellites and space vehicles. The NewSpace Global Investor report is a deep data dive on the top companies. NewSpace Global's eight verticals, NewSpace Watch and Thruster interviews of companies and industry leaders provide strategic information in a timely and usable format.
  • Aviation Week Intelligence Network: Subscription service for all issues of Aviation Week & Space Technology from 1916 to the present, plus downloadable spreadsheets on aerospace and aviation manufacturers, suppliers and the airline industry worldwide. Tracks global companies in the sector with daily news updates and market briefings.
  • The Space Report: Data on the global space industry, government policies, and evolving trends in the space workforce is available on subscription from the Space Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Space Foundation website also includes information for the general public and educational programming to help promote interest in space exploration.
  • NASA: Information on launches, proposed missions, current status of the International Space Station (ISS) and the Journey to Mars mission. Extensive image gallery of photos and videos.  Sign up for NASA news briefs on Facebook and other social media or follow them on Twitter @NASA
  • European Space Agency (ESA): Their tagline is "United space in Europe". Detailed information on joint missions and current operations. Links to videos, mission updates, photos and interviews. Sign up for the Rocket Science Blog or follow ESA on Twitter @esaoperations and YouTube.

For fun:

  • The Conversation: This is a curated blog authored by academics and professionals worldwide, providing a fresh perspective on issues. Sections included politics, art, religion, education, health, science, technology and more. When I want to explore a topic or check on a possible "fake news" item, I check out The Conversation. 

An article in Jinfo which I found particularly interesting:

  • I enjoyed Katharine Schopflin's "Network for best effect - whether or not it comes naturally". She provides a useful overview of the best networking options and emphasises that it's best to use all available channels including online and in-person to stay connected with colleagues, vendors and others important to your professional life.

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