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By Catherine Dhanjal


Find out how IBISWorld stacks up against other providers of industry information and what developments are in the pipeline, with our in-depth product review.


We've long wanted to carry out a product review of IBISWorld, with requests such as this from a customer not uncommon: "Can you help? Having trouble finding some meaty analysis on IBISWorld."

So we were delighted to be able to meet representatives at the Perfect Information Conference recently and to gain sign-off to carry out a full Jinfo product review, involving a walkthrough plus two weeks of product access while our researcher thoroughly put it through its paces.

Biggest provider of industry-level research globally

The Jinfo "Product review of IBISWorld" is now available for Subscribers or one-off purchase.

The company is the biggest publisher of industry level information globally and covers Canada and China. They have over 3,000 different industry reports, with 432 UK industries covered.

Researcher Sophie Alexander comments, IBISWorld "is a powerful tool for anyone needing to learn more about a variety of industries and can decrease the amount of time and money spent on finding industry-specific research due to its granular level of reporting".

She adds, "Clients use IBISWorld as an outsourced research department for industry information, at the desktop. In Jinfo's view, IBISWorld provides a very comprehensive collection of industry reports, with some useful tools to increase efficiency."

The review drills down into sources, geographical coverage, user interface and reporting as well as product development and competitors.

Last year we looked at the competitor landscape in a blog, "Who Competes with IBISWorld?" and the review provides an update on the landscape today.

Find out more

Jinfo Subscribers can sign in now to read "Product review of IBISWorld" and find out more about using and administering it as well as the value and use-case for IBISWorld and developments in the pipeline, such as adding seven new chapters to UK reports which cover elements including demand determinants and revenue volatility and developments in regard to New Zealand and German content.

If you do not have a Jinfo Subscription, you can purchase this report with a credit card.

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