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By Robin Neidorf


A round-up of the last three months of Jinfo coverage of knowledge management plus insights from our director of research, Robin Neidorf.


At the recent Special Libraries Association (SLA) annual conference, knowledge management (KM) tools and platforms made a respectable showing on the exhibit floor. The vendors and products listed in the exhibit catalogue under the category of "knowledge management" offer a range of resources to support the capture, storage and retrieval of knowledge, including:

  • Comprehensive platforms that break down silos between internal and external information
  • Modular software enabling customised combinations of functions to guide users to the right resources
  • Smart tools to replace repetitive tasks
  • Query management
  • Article delivery.

What do these offerings have in common? Honestly, it's hard to tell. Individually, each clearly plays a role in connecting people with knowledge they need to do their jobs... but collectively, they don't point to a clear definition of what we mean by KM.

Everything from federated search to new applications of artificial intelligence can have a place in a KM solution. At the same time, effective KM relies on user behaviour - not to mention accurate underlying information - to deliver value to the organisation.

It's difficult (and increasingly so) to put together the right technology components with the right governance and training to create an effective KM environment. At Jinfo, we're taking on this challenge by mapping what we know about the range of features included in products billed as "KM solutions". We're also working with vendors to cut through the marketing language and drill down to measurable value - what are the specific goals of KM systems and how can you measure your progress towards those goals? 

This research will be part of the upcoming Research Focus - "Define and measure value for current awareness" (October - December 2017). 

Have a particular question or pet peeve about KM? Contact us, so that we can incorporate it into this project.




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