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By Amy Burns


What new sessions are upcoming in our Community offering - and what did our latest research with participants show they value most?


Exciting things are upcoming in our Community offering - Vendor Spotlight sessions, a Management Series, plus new ways to explore the practical results of each of Jinfo's Research Focus projects and how they apply in your world.

These developments are the direct result of customer research I undertook as part of my new role as Head of Community. Anecdotal feedback from customers told me that Community sessions are unique and valuable, but I wanted to dig more deeply into what creates that value, and what we at Jinfo can do to continue to improve.

Customers with Community on their Jinfo account were invited to participate in a short survey. Approximately half responded, and Figure 1 shows the spread of industries covered.

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Figure 1

We asked respondents to select from a list the top 3 benefits they gain from participating in Community sessions. Their responses highlight what distinguishes Community sessions from any other resource we know of. Two-thirds of respondents selected these benefits from the list:

  • Interaction with Jinfo researchers and analysts: Community sessions are not simply a presentation on a topic by an expert, but rather a dialogue with and facilitated by Jinfo's researchers and analysts to really dig into the subject.

  • Practical work to solve issues in my department/organisation: Community sessions involve hands-on activities to adapt and apply Jinfo's research findings. Following sessions, participants receive worksheets, activities and additional reading to bring the learning back to their teams and drive action.

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Figure 2

Expanded offerings

From my own experience as a research manager in a consulting firm, my hypothesis going into this exercise was that customers might also be interested in Community sessions on evergreen topics relating to managing a busy department. Survey responses resoundingly validated this opinion.

We asked respondents if they would be interested in the following types of sessions:

  • Management Series (teleconference sessions to discuss department management and operations topics such as staffing, vendor management, or leadership)
  • Vendor Spotlight (teleconference sessions that focus on sectors of information providers and research or content vendors)
  • Community Chat (teleconference sessions to meet up with other industry professionals, network and discuss questions presented to Jinfo on relevant topics)
  • Industry-Specific Series (teleconference sessions focused on topics relevant to your specific industry-biopharma, consulting, legal, etc.)

Figure 3 shows their responses.

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Figure 3

I'm thrilled with this feedback and am already working on the curriculum for a Management Series to kick off in January 2018. In the meantime, the Vendor Spotlight offering is already available, with two sessions on the calendar relating to merger and acquisition activities amongst our suppliers.

If you have Community on your Jinfo account, check out the upcoming sessions and register today. And if you do not yet have access to Community sessions, I'd be glad to help you get familiar with the benefits and even attend one session as a guest.

One respondent shared the following comment:

"The sessions are invaluable. I would like to encourage my colleagues to participate in them more."

We couldn't agree more.

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