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By Catherine Dhanjal


Jinfo has had a busy quarter producing a full range of articles, blogs, reports and webinars about content purchasing, knowledge management, information strategy and optimising a research team. Take a look back at our highlights, to take stock of where your organisation stands while contemplating your next steps.


Every quarter, Jinfo publishes a round-up of what's innovative or irritating in each of the four key information roles we support.

These round-ups are published on the blog along with links to the most pertinent articles, reports, webinars and Community sessions for each of those roles. These updates give our subscribers a snapshot of what they may have missed or what's upcoming that's pertinent to them.

If you've missed any of these or want to revisit them, here's an introduction to the summaries from the last quarter, plus the links to read the full items.


Optimising your research service

How can you do more with less? It's something a lot of information managers would like to know, and it's something Jinfo Consulting helps many companies achieve.

Tracking and measuring how members of your team spend their working time is key to determining efficiency and effectiveness. 

Try tracking every working activity for three months - there are many free online tools to help with this. And read "Jinfo for optimising your research service" to see how Jinfo could help you take the next step.


Information strategy

When you look to the future of your department or organisation, how do you see it developing?

Planning for strategic changes no longer needs to be a sporadic event, but an everyday occurrence; planning should become a part of your daily meetings and projects. This will ensure you question processes and services along the path to your success. 

See "Jinfo for information strategy" to find out how Jinfo's Research Focus on benchmarking information services can help you ensure your department is configured for optimal success.


Knowledge management

Creating an effective knowledge management (KM) environment can be difficult if the goals aren't clarified, especially if it's unclear how you measure your progress towards these goals.

Jinfo is cutting to the chase - what do we know about products billed as KM solutions? 

Find out more in our blog "Jinfo for knowledge management". There is even an opportunity to put your questions and pet peeves about KM forward, and we'll incorporate these into our project.


Content purchasing

To see the considerable list of characteristics used to evaluate a content product, is to understand the complexity of making decisions or negotiations around content products! 

The detailed list was compiled by Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, who commented that, "Whilst laying out all the variables of evaluating content products and then managing a comprehensive portfolio, I gained a new appreciation for just how complex a task this is." 

Read the list in full, along with the rest of the blog, "Jinfo for content purchasing".


Find out more

For easy access to future "Jinfo for role" summaries, bookmark our "What's new?" page and you'll find them listed under Blog items.

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