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By Victoria Alford


Read our new review of InfoDesk - a content integration and information management solution. This review (updated from our 2014 report) highlights InfoDesk's service value in high-end, information-hungry organisations.


Define and manage value for current awarenessInfoDesk is a technology company with specialised information management solutions and has been providing enterprise customers with federated access to different types of real-time content since 1999.

Jinfo Subscribers can log in now to read the in-depth product review. If you do not have a Jinfo Subscription you can purchase the report with a credit card.

Since our last review in 2014, a number of improvements have been introduced. Our latest review considers how the company is progressing and addressing ever-evolving content needs across areas such as:

  • News
  • Premium subscriptions
  • Financial and fundamental datasets
  • Patent information
  • Clinical trial and drug pipeline databases
  • Job postings
  • Conference information
  • Internal information.

Integrate multiple content sources

InfoDesk's product suite aims to:

  • Save time for business and information professionals
  • Provide actionable intelligence for sales and marketing teams
  • Improve the quality of business decisions by reducing the likelihood of missing key information
  • Increase the value of information previously held in silos, by improving access to it
  • Reduce development cost and lead time by leveraging pre-built integration tools, already set up to integrate multiple content sources in real-time.

As the author of this new report, Chris Porter, explains, this is where InfoDesk excels. It has a "unique ability to provide federated access to different types of content and typical use-cases" and supports content from video, social media, radio and TV broadcasts as well as commercial content aggregators.

So, what's new?

Our latest review considers the changes made since our last review in 2014, taking a detailed look at the technology advancements. 

InfoDesk's new "Business Insight" tool draws information from a wide variety of sources and collates them on a dashboard. This allows the user a snapshot of a company in a presentation-ready PDF. (The snapshots can also be sent via API to other software solutions.)

In terms of semantic search, InfoDesk says it uses the latest artificial intelligence and expert knowledge workers to curate ontologies define relationships between terms and topics. "This enriches metadata and enables users to find content that would otherwise be missed, as well as limiting the time wasted reviewing false-positive search results."


Find out more

Jinfo Subscribers can log in now to read "Product review of the InfoDesk product suite" and find out more about its capability, its latest technology and its product maturity and development plans.

If you do not have a Jinfo Subscription you can purchase the report with a credit card.

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