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By Catherine Dhanjal


Jinfo's head of content, Catherine Dhanjal, highlights a must-read article, report and webinar from October.


One of the most enjoyable parts of my role as Head of Content at Jinfo is looking back over the month's publishing and getting a new wave of excitement about what we've made available to our Subscribers. This blog post gives me an opportunity to share that excitement, as well as to pick out some items you may have missed. 

Our Content is driven by our research, customer comments and queries, as well as insights from attendance at conferences and events.

  • Article: We are privileged to be working with Clare Painter, a publishing consultant with particular expertise in the area of copyright and digital licensing. You can find out more about Clare and the article's she's written for Jinfo through her bio on the site.

    Each quarter she writes an article for Jinfo looking at a different area of copyright, from how it applies to charts and figures to key risks and what to look out for. In her latest article, "Translation rights and licensing of online content", she looks at how best to deal with requests from others to reuse your content, with the view of them then translating it into local language.
  • Report: As the owner of the most-used premium products in the news field (Factiva) as well as being known for its specialist financial and company news, there's always a high level of interest in developments from Dow Jones. Our product review of Dow Jones DNA showcases a product which taps into the demand from information purchasers to take data and content and carry out their own analysis and text mining. Still in beta, we were able to get an early look at the product.
  • Webinar: Our regular programme of webinars offers superb at-your-desk, at-your-convenience learning and an alternative way to absorb information or get up to speed on an issue. These 60-minute sessions are available live or to view post-session at your leisure. 

    We also run regular articles to capture the key learning points from the webinars for those who prefer a written approach; the associated article will always appear below the webinar listing as a "related Subscription article".

    The October session "The increasing role of technology in current awareness" drew on the findings from our Research Focus, "Define and manage value for current awareness" to highlight how to best include all-in-one platforms, content-agnostic platforms or ad-hoc technology solutions in your news provision. The Insights & Actions report from the Research Focus is available to any site visitor and includes three key insights from our survey - get your copy today.

Next steps:

  • Keep an eye on our "What's new" section to see the most recent articles, reports and blogs in one dashboard, together with upcoming webinar and Community session listings
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If you have a suggestion, do contact me, your thoughts are always welcome.

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