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By JP Ratajczak

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My Favourite Tipples are shared by JP Ratajczak, the director of Intelligence Systems at Aurora WDC, the company behind FirstLight. He shares his top online resources in areas from news on global markets to keeping on top of trends.


There's no shortage of information out there. So to limit yourself to only a few sources is not how I operate as an intelligence professional. Effective summaries, aggregators, and the ability to identify signposts of future trends all make my life easier and make me more efficient.

These resources are my daily go-tos:

  • CB Insights: Never has such deeply detailed reporting come across with such a light and easy-to-read tone. That's exactly what this is. A great aggregator of trends.
  • FirstLight: Look beyond the shameless plug and you'll see a tool that brings any information resource you could imagine into one spot. For a data junkie that loves to voraciously consume news and intelligence, it's a dream.
  • Pocket: When researching a topic, sometimes you can't read everything as fast as you'd like or in the time you have available. This tool helps make sure I don't miss a beat (and have lots to read on flights).

For fun: 

  • SaveTheCrew.com: If you're not passionate about something - be it work or play - it shines through. Not only is this cause near to my heart (big soccer fan here), it's communicated with effortless optimism. The organisers make it easy for fans, businesses, and Jinfo readers to take action - whether it be changing your Facebook cover or finding the contact info for a sponsor.

An article in Jinfo which I found particularly interesting:

  • Sometimes we become so mired in the day-to-day, we don't realise the progress we're making. I liked reading Constance Ard's "AI and the evolving information landscape" for just that reason. The general concepts are still very applicable yet the examples and finer points serve as a good reminder that examples of what was cutting edge just a short time ago may no longer be the standard.

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