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By Catherine Dhanjal


Find out what's most relevant to information managers responsible for content purchasing, information strategy and optimising a research team, from re-engineering workflow to evaluating premium content providers.


Every quarter, we publish a round-up of what's innovative or irritating in each of the key information roles we support.

These round-ups are published on the blog along with links to the most pertinent articles, reports, webinars and Community sessions for each of those roles. These updates give you a snapshot of what you may have missed or what's upcoming that's pertinent to your role.

If you've missed any of these or want to revisit them, here's an introduction to the summaries from the last quarter, plus the links to read the full items.


Optimising your research service

Could you save 10 hours a week of department time, simply by making adjustments to your workflow?

Find out how Jinfo Consulting helped an information team re-engineer their workflow, from problem analysis to developing a more streamlined process through to training and implementation. 

Read about Jinfo's principles of optimisation in "Jinfo for optimising your research service", to see how Jinfo could help you take the next step.


Information strategy

Can you say you take a regular strategic look at your current awareness service - and have you determined the ROI of that service?

Our director of research, Robin Neidorf, highlights how you can break the current awareness system down to see where and how technology adds value, and how you can map the areas of the business where the current awareness service you provide has influence, from customer service to risk management. 

See "Jinfo for information strategy" to find out how you could make productivity gains, optimise your content portfolio and gain higher recognition across the organisation.


Content purchasing

Our recent benchmarking research produced a wealth of useful insights, amongst them that successful content purchasing teams share three key characteristics. 

Find out how you could measure your set-up against those three key characteristics and see where you could make changes in areas such as risk management for maximum effect.

Read the blog, along with our list of items most relevant to you, in "Jinfo for content purchasing".


Find out more

For easy access to future "Jinfo for role" summaries, bookmark our "What's new?" page and you'll find them listed under Blog items.

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