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By Victoria Alford

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Find out what we thought of Usecasehub following our early insight into Evalueserve's new tool for collaboration, oversight and governance of data analytics and AI projects.


A new tool for driving the value of data analytics projects - Usecasehub from Evalueserve - is being launched. And Jinfo has had early insight into the product.

The commercial version of Usecasehub is currently in beta form, and is due to hit the market in the early second quarter of 2018.

But Jinfo Subscribers can sign in now to read "Overview - Usecasehub from Evalueserve", based on our early access to the product.


Bringing Mind+Machine together

Evalueserve - a global provider of systems, services and staff for research, analytics and data management - has created a new product that can create and manage a process framework for your company's data analytics projects.

When it comes to managing data analytics, some of the key problems lie in project scope creep, costs getting out of hand and being hard to manage, and not knowing where one project stops and another starts.

Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, evaluated Usecasehub and explains, "Evalueserve operates on the principle it calls Mind+Machine: essentially, the idea is that machines should be optimised to do what they do best, freeing up human minds to do what they can do best. At the same time, it's important to recognise the limitations of machines: technology will not make up for poor governance."

Filling an important need in the marketplace

Usecasehub monitors and manages data analytics projects from idea generation through to measurement, with the goal of improving results, speed of time-to-market, and even ensuring effective collaboration.

Jinfo managed to secure a walkthrough of the prototype - and a little peek at the live version as well - to discover the key objectives that make a difference between quality and chaos in analytics strategy.

"Usecasehub anticipates and addresses the barriers that prevent good governance, knowledge management and ROI achievement," adds Robin.

This Jinfo report looks at: 

  • How organisations manage their data analytics strategy and objectives
  • How Evalueserve has created what they class as a solution - does Jinfo agree?
  • What makes a difference when it comes to managing analytics strategies
  • The advantages of the Usecasehub platform
  • Who will benefit from the Usecasehub
  • A closer look at the platform environment
  • Implementation challenges
  • Value
  • Competitors
  • Pricing
  • Contact details should you wish to find out more.

 Jinfo Subscribers can sign in now to read "Overview - Usecasehub from Evalueserve".

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