Victoria Alford Why isn't text mining taking off faster?
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By Victoria Alford


Text mining offers many possibilities for organisations reliant on gaining new insights into data from disparate sources and for whom quicker time to market is a priority. Yet challenges in commercial licensing, complex technology and user experience seem to be holding back the potential impact. Could RightFind XML for Mining from CCC be part of the solution?


Find out what our researcher thinks of RightFind XML for Mining, a product which gives you a complete article collection for text mining. 

Text mining is an area we've been writing about since 2012 and has vast possibilities yet remains just out of reach of many organisations. If you have a Jinfo Subscription you can log in now to access the "Product walkthrough - RightFind XML for Mining" and find out how effectively it can be used to uncover previously hidden insights into a vast body of data.

Researcher Scott Vine investigated the potential of the RightFind XML for Mining tool from CCC to address challenges inherent in text mining.

In his overview of the product Scott comments, "In organisations with a high research and development budget, and where time to market can be critical, the ability to find new and unseen connections between pieces of data is likely to be something that grows in importance."

He adds, "With the exponential rise in big data, and the daily creation and storage of vast amounts of digital data, the importance of data management, storage and, even more importantly, data analysis is set to grow."

A complex area

Some of the areas that make text mining so complex include:

  • Lacking the right tool to mine full-text articles in XML format
  • Getting the right body of material to mine
  • Securing the right permissions for commercial text and data mining
  • Defining the right text semantics
  • Developing a way to enable research teams to build their own content sets, scenarios and searches. 

So, could RightFind XML for Mining from Copyright Clearance Center offer a way to overcome those challenges and allow researchers to uncover new insights in fields from biomedical and pharma to food and nutraceuticals? Read our overview to find out.

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