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By Victoria Alford

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There are many patent databases but not many that are specifically aimed at those working in the drug-development-delivery chain, like DrugPatentWatch. How does it deliver on data for global drug patents and generic entry?


DrugPatentWatch - the main product from thinkBiotech LLC - concentrates specifically on drug patent data and information. You can find out what our researcher thought of the product by logging in to view "Product review of DrugPatentWatch" (subscription content). 

The product concentrates on providing objective data, and focuses on key areas of drug patents to establish a clear picture for its subscribers throughout the drug-development-delivery chain, mainly those working for biopharma companies or in the generic drugs field.

Read our review to find out who Jinfo thinks would get the most value from using this product - and why.

Business analysis as well as patent search

Jinfo's 26-page review of DrugPatentWatch looks deeply into the product, concentrating on:

  • An intricate and informative summary of the product's technology and patent information
  • DrugPatentWatch's competitors
  • The improvement and development of the product
  • The value of the DrugPatentWatch and whether it helps users leverage patent information for business needs
  • Use-cases, such as evaluating generic market entry
  • Jinfo's likes and dislikes - including the product's focus on the US market which we identified as an area for potential improvement.


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