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By Victoria Alford

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Jinfo has reviewed market and media intelligence tool M-360 - a world-leading media monitoring product from Opoint Technology, part of Finnish company M-Brain.


Understanding why market intelligence and media intelligence is so vital to businesses and organisations is a top priority.

  • How is your organisation viewed in the media?
  • How are you faring with your competitors?

 That's why information, technology solutions and advisory companies like M-Brain (and Opoint Technology - a part of M-Brain Norway) are so important and useful. They provide products which help closely monitor the above points.

We recently reviewed M-360, read the full product review of M-360 here

Leading the way in intelligence solutions and analysis

Finnish company M-Brain is a global leader in media and market intelligence and analysis solutions. The company is currently helping to customise intelligence solutions for over 2,000 leading global brands, including translations into English.

With this in mind, Jinfo wanted to review Opoint Technology's web-based tool, M-360, which allows subscribers to search across extensive sources by "crawling and indexing over four billion articles".

Opoint Technology is a part of M-Brain Norway, and is known for its high-quality technology solutions and extensive experience, delivering content to media monitoring companies in Europe, USA, APAC and Russia.

Opoint offers the ability to "gather content fastest in the industry", and supplies a database updated with 2.8 million articles a day and news coverage that spans an impressive 221 countries.

Real-time updates

M-360 was developed to give subscribers access to search sources from over 4 billion articles; safe in the knowledge that the product monitors topics in real-time to keep users ahead of the game. Our reviewer Scott Vine discovered that new content is delivered on average around just 9 or 10 minutes after an item is published.

Copyright-protected content does need to be licensed though, or it'll fall out of the offering and won't appear in the search.

Opoint also offers white label solutions based on the needs of its partners, which can be adapted to specific requirements. Options such as custom-built feeds, article tracking and monitoring of gallery sites.

Scott Vine has reviewed M-360 in detail, looking closely at the ability of the tool to allow users to search a vast number of sources to enable them to get the most "complete picture" of a subject. 

Read the review to find out:

  • The key advantages of M-360
  • The value of the product
  • Help and training available, plus the mobile app
  • M-360's competitors,
  • Product development
  • Pricing. 

Who'll find this product useful? Those who work in:

  • Public relations
  • Information
  • Business development
  • Journalism.

Read the full product review of M-360. If you don't already have a Jinfo Subscription you can sign up now and get full access to this review as well as all the other Subscription benefits.

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