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By Victoria Alford


Find out why you should read Jinfo's product review of specialist search engine AlphaSense and how the award-winning intelligent search engine is uncovering company and financial data and insights that others might miss.


Sometimes we get great suggestions from clients on possible products to review; this was one of the factors that prompted us to report on award-winning linguistic search engine, AlphaSense.

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The specialised search engine for financial services professionals claims to "cut through the noise to uncover critical datapoints that others miss".

This year AlphaSense won the "Best Data Management Product 2018" award at the HFM US Hedge Fund Technology Awards. The awards "recognise and reward IT and software providers serving the hedge fund sector that have demonstrated exceptional customer service and innovative product development over the past 12 months".

The company was also shortlisted for the "Best Data Provider" award, the "Best Fintech Solution for Hedge Funds" award, the "Best Research Management Solution - New" award, and the "Most Innovative Technology Firm" award.


Who would benefit most from using AlphaSense?

Jinfo's reviewer, Andrew Lucas, reports that "analysts, researchers, and other financial professionals who wish to search and analyse corporate filings and other research documents" will find this product very useful.

AlphaSense is a privately held company (raising $33 million from private equity backers in 2016), and is mainly used by professionals in:

  • Investment research
  • Corporate strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Investor relations
  • Private equity
  • Investment banking
  • Business research.

This review also looks at AlphaSense's blue-chip client list which includes more than 700 clients across the research, investment and banking sectors.


A search engine for financial professionals

Company search engine AlphaSense is programmed to recognise the way we speak naturally, and combines this with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create what AlphaSense describes as the "new Google for research professionals".

Andrew Lucas has detailed the ins and outs of the web-based service for all Jinfo Subscribers, allowing you to find out what the specialised research search engine could do for you.

Jinfo's review looks at areas including:

  • The key advantages of AlphaSense
  • An introduction to the New York-based company, which also has offices across the US and Europe
  • Technology and user interface
  • Users and use-cases
  • Development plans.

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