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By Victoria Alford


Read Jinfo's new research into how to create a thriving, valuable information team - and how to convince the C-suite of its value.


The information team with the right stuffThe roles of information teams are changing, as expectations intensify from stakeholders wanting a better user experience and more flexible use of information.

If you're feeling the pressure, you'll want to take a look at Jinfo's research rethinking the role of the information team, and how to create a thriving team whose value will be appreciated by the C-suite.

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The right stuff

Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, brings Jinfo's latest research to the table: examining what a valuable information team needs to be and what it should be delivering to its organisation.

Struggling with time management when running a busy service is not uncommon; and finding time to address the "big stuff" can be a headache. 

The struggle is real, and at Jinfo we've been hearing from information managers about the problems for years. So, how can these issues be turned into value, and make your team the team with "the right stuff"?

Looking to the future, we want to work to address the common important ideas and visions from conversations with the leaders we spoke to. This Research Focus looks at:

  • How information work will look in the future
  • What critical skills are required to create the best team possible
  • How we can achieve long-term sustainability and relevance
  • How to overcome barriers to change.

For this research, we interviewed visionary leaders in depth, from a variety of organisations and industries:

  • Consulting, including management consulting
  • Finance and insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology

We investigated the skills and characteristics needed for an information team with "the right stuff" - and how to make them work.

Our Research Focus looks more closely at how information teams can work with other departments to ensure ideas and needs can be addressed. Throughout this Research Focus, it's been paramount to ask the questions: 

  • What's the vision for information teams?
  • How can the most be made of information expertise?
  • How can information teams think more strategically and provide a more strategic level of service?
  • What could information teams give up to make room for this change?
  • Can we learn lessons from the roles of other shared services?

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