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By Robin Neidorf

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Do you drive improvements or are you swept along by change? Find out how our latest Research Focus can help put you firmly in charge of leading your team and driving innovation.


Be "CEO" of your information service, and lead your team through continuous improvement to meet the future - or invent it.

That's the second insight from our current Research Focus, "The information team with the right stuff".

Dig further into this insight and how it might apply in your world: request a free copy of our Insights and Actions report (or, if you have a Jinfo Subscription, download your copy here). We share the four tips to shape your thinking as the leader (not just manager) of your information team:

  1. Expect reengineering (and yes, Jinfo resources can help)
  2. Be ready to act radically
  3. Get inspired whilst staying practical
  4. Get support.

That fourth tip presents particular challenges - how do you make time to get (and give) support, with countless demands and tasks coming at you every week?

Peer support - online and in-person

The need for peer support, for someone who can say, "I know exactly what you're dealing with," is a primary reason mid-career is a critical time to prioritise participation in events.

I'm looking forward to these conversations this month and next:

But conferences demand time away from the office and are not always practical. That's why Jinfo has increased our investment in our Community offering - confidential, facilitated peer-group teleconference discussions. 

If you've never attended one of our sessions, I encourage you to try it - check out the upcoming calendar. You'll experience for yourself the value, as one of our customers recently explained:

"By attending Jinfo Community sessions, I don't need to fly to another city for a conference... I can fit these focused sessions into my calendar, and it's very valuable to have the slides delivered after - the notes on them are usually comprehensive."

Ready for the future? No one really is. But cultivating the team with "the right stuff" is one critical thing you can do to prepare for it. And sharing the experience, insights and challenges with your peers can keep you from getting too lonely at the top.

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