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By Victoria Alford

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Find out how Jinfo's resources relevant to data analytics could help you develop a use-case, get to the heart of licensing matters and ensure you're involved in organisation-wide projects.


Issues around copyright law, digital rights, "ownership" of content and data licensing agreements have thrown up difficult questions for information professionals.

So how can you go about answering them? To help, Jinfo has assembled resources on both licensing and use-cases for data analytics.

Here are links to five resources we think you'll find useful in smoothly navigating your way through what can seem like choppy waters.

  1. "Where do information professionals still beat AI?"
    Human intelligence is still a valued and essential element of research projects. Yet it's not just a case of one or the other in the new world of AI-enhanced tools. This article, based on one of our webinars, shows how we can forge a collaborative approach. We show how humans and AI can perform tasks to which they're best suited, for everyone's benefit.

  2. "Jinfo report - data analytics and licensing"
    Our original research looks at how providers of information services are supporting, or planning to support, customer data analytics needs. The five chapters cover elements such as the roles of business information aggregators and company data providers when it comes to data analytics and licensing. In addition, it addresses what vendors are doing to meet customer demand.

  3. "Information professionals and their role in analytics use-cases"
    Based on a Jinfo Webinar, this article gives guidance on developing use-cases for data analytics projects. It covers the specific actions you should take, including developing project goals, deciding which datasets to use, and identifying ongoing management tasks.

  4. "Become an authority on external data for analytics"
    This article contains useful information on how to manage vendor relationships around third-party data licensing. It's based on the Jinfo Community session, "Internal & external data - inventories and resources for enabling analytics". The Community session is itself part of the Jinfo Research Focus, "Stake your claim in the success of data analytics".

  5. "The trouble with datasets - industry trends on licensing data for analytics projects"
    This Jinfo Webinar discussed both third-party and internal data, and shared the key questions you need to ask vendors to ensure that you make the right selection. The recording is available to Subscribers. Insight into overcoming licensing barriers is summarised in a separate article, "The challenges of data licensing and the information professional's role".

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