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By Karina Fabian


My Favourite Tipples are shared by Karina Fabian, content writer and content marketing specialist at NEWSCYCLE Solutions. She shares some of her go-to tools for keeping on top of new apps, managing a variety of social media platforms and scheduling posts, and chatroom software.


As an author and founder of the Catholic Writers' Guild, I've been running social media for myself and the Guild for nearly a decade. Then, in April, I took a job as content writer and social media manager for NEWSCYCLE Solutions. I've discovered that the same software that helped me in my personal social media marketing work equally well for my professional duties.

  • AppSumo: If you depend on software for your job - or if you just love programs that deal with productivity, social media and other business and marketing tasks - then I highly recommend following AppSumo. This site works with software companies to offer limited-time deals with amazing discounts. Very often, you can get lifetime licences for as little as $50. I've acquired several excellent software platforms for myself and work.
  • Hootsuite: A well-known and reliable tool for social media management, Hootsuite allows you to monitor, post and schedule social media. Its LinkedIn offerings are limited, which makes it less useful for B2B marketing, but its Twitter management tools are first-rate. I find Twitter the equivalent of holding a conversation at a rave; Hootsuite lets me keep track of people mentioning our company, of topics that interest our followers and influencers, and of what our competition finds newsworthy. With separate feeds for the items and the ability to move Tweeters (like influencers) to a single news feed, I can more easily see and respond to posts, which is vital because tweets get buried fast.
  • Buffer: Buffer is pure content scheduling. While Hootsuite and Content Studio do the same, Buffer's interface is simpler, I've found. Its stand-out tool is the Pablo meme generator. Buffer offers copyright-free images and a meme generator that knows the ideal sizes for social media posting, so you can design and post your own memes. I use this regularly to promote my fellow writers.
  • Content Studio: This was one of my AppSumo finds, and it's made my social media management so much easier. Like Hootsuite and Buffer, Content Studio lets you schedule posts to multiple accounts, but the real highlight is the content generator. It draws from thousands of online sources for articles, blogs and other digital content. You can watch trending news or search for specific topics and, when you find an article you like, you can preview and share it without leaving the window. You can even set up automatic feeds that search according to your parameters and post them automatically. I recommend clicking the option to approve these posts first, as the results vary in quality.
  • NewsEdge: When I interviewed for NEWSCYCLE, I asked if I would get to use this product. NewsEdge curates over 9,800 licensed news sources and 7,000 weblinked sources. It tags them using a detailed taxonomy that's checked by subject-matter experts. Searching for a particular topic is orders of magnitude more accurate than Google, which saves me time. I have several directed searches for publishing news set up on it.

For fun

  • Discord: When the Guild needed new chat software, we turned to Discord. While originally intended for gamers, we found it served our purposes equally well. We host weekly open chats for members and interested writers, as well as several long-running discussion groups. I'm on it all the time, especially in the science fiction/fantasy critique group, talking stories, sharing jokes and memes and building friendships.

An article in Jinfo I found particularly interesting:

  • I was very impressed with Jan Knight's review of our NewsEdge product. NewsEdge is a new acquisition for my company, and while I've worked with the software myself, her thorough evaluation helped me understand the product better. As a former reviewer for Top Ten Reviews, I was impressed with the depth of her research and the balanced way she evaluated the pros and cons. Plus, as the social media manager, I appreciated all the shareable quotes.


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