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By Catherine Dhanjal


Read our round-up to find out what's most relevant to information managers responsible for content purchasing, information strategy and optimising a research team, from negotiating with vendors to streamlining operations and creating a centre of excellence.


At Jinfo, we support three key roles (plus a myriad of job titles). So if you're responsible for information strategy, content purchasing or managing a research team, you'll find our content and events invaluable.

To help you identify what's most relevant, we publish a quarterly blog per role, with insightful commentary from our director of research and a curated list of content and events from that quarter.

In May this year, we introduced Community sessions to support our key roles. These confidential discussion forums offer an unmatched opportunity to interact with peers across industries and countries, with conversations based on the key issues that matter to your role.


Content purchasing 

Negotiations and licensing are high on the agenda for those responsible for assessing, procuring and managing content portfolios. We're recognising an increase in reports of challenging vendor stances around renewal prices and a reluctance to change vendor sales models to support information centre requests around using data in new ways. 

Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, is your guide through aspects such as communicating value internally, preparing for negotiations, evaluating vendors outside the "usual suspects", and balancing the use of tools with your team's skills and knowledge. 

Our blog, "Jinfo for content purchasing", contains links to useful webinars and upcoming Community sessions, along with articles and reports pertinent to your role.

Don't miss: our Community session on 5th November, "Jinfo for content purchasing - your burning questions".


Optimising your research service

Efficiency, value and streamlining are three words top-of-mind for the research teams we're working with. Our director of research introduced the acronym SOAPS with her own slant as part of our Research Focus, "The information team with the right stuff".

Streamline - Outsource - Automate - Pushback - Stop doing is an invaluable tool for strategic thinking, in particular in the research and enquiry service context where the pressure never eases. 

Read the blog, "Jinfo for optimising your research service", to see other insights and introductions to our strategic models for optimising your processes. 

Don't miss: our Community session on 1st October "Jinfo for optimising a team of researchers - your burning questions".


Information strategy

Part of the challenge of setting information strategy is that it has to be unique to the parent organisation's business strategy and goals, and that this impacts on the customers it serves, types of services offered and ways it's valued and measured.

In "Jinfo for information strategy", Robin Neidorf, Jinfo's director of research, explores this dilemma and presents some models and research to help you develop a centre of excellence for your unique setting. 

Don't miss: our Community session on 5th September, "Jinfo for information strategy - your burning questions". 


Find out more

For easy access to future "Jinfo for role" summaries, bookmark our "What's new?" page and you'll find them listed under Blog items.

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