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By Robin Neidorf


If you're seeking to optimise your team's performance, benchmark against others in your industry or reporting line, or move towards automation and optimisation, Jinfo's latest resources and events can help. Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, highlights what's most relevant to those responsible for leading teams of researchers, including a preview of our original research on current awareness and intelligence systems.


If you're responsible for optimising a team of researchers or information professionals, here are the latest Jinfo insights and resources for you:

Benchmarking your service and operations

We're in the midst of the Research Focus, "Benchmark information roles - Jinfo models of excellence", which is chock-a-block with useful insights and guidance to help you optimise your team. Start with the overview report on our benchmarking data, which includes sections on provision of research services, internal customers and where else in the business similar expertise (such as competitive intelligence) may be.

Then start applying this data to your own environment, using our models.

These are short reports that walk through the continuum from "common practice" (what most teams do) up to "best practice" (what the best teams do), in a number of areas of operation.

Our models make it easy to spot the specific elements of operations and service delivery you can improve to make the most of your resources. Three of particular interest to those responsible for team optimisation:


Tools and processes

Too often, Jinfo Consulting works with A+ teams relying on C- tools. If you and your team are still relying on spreadsheets and email to get things done, it's tough to optimise.

Check out the recording of August's webinar, "State of the industry for automation" to understand the full scope of benefits you can get from using the proper tools. Our just-published, "Jinfo model - automation and optimisation" will help you apply this knowledge to your department.

Want more ideas? Review the article, "Product walkthrough - Evalueserve's Researchstream" to see the possibilities of a fully integrated system. Even if you don't opt for a full system like this one, the walkthrough will make the possibilities more concrete, and you can apply the concepts to whatever you currently use.


Coming up - spotlight on current awareness

Jinfo's next Research Focus, "Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to action", running from October through December, will return to one of our cornerstone topics: optimisation and ROI of current awareness services. This is a valued service that many information teams provide, but they commonly struggle with streamlining their delivery. 

Get a preview of what's coming and consider how you might streamline:


Optimise your team's workflow

Shape your team's thinking from the ground up. Jinfo Consulting offers in-house workshops on workflow optimisation. Three sessions, aligned to your team's needs, with practical assignments between sessions and a final prioritised plan. Work one-on-one with our analyst to incorporate the principles of optimisation in your department. Learn more and enquire for details.

We publish research-based insights, facilitate peer-to-peer discussions on them and offer consulting services to tailor those insights to your needs. Learn more about the benefits of a Jinfo Subscription

Recent Subscription resources of particular interest to our customers involved with team optimisation:





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Community sessions:

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