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By Catherine Dhanjal


Find out why we reviewed workflow and competitive intelligence tool Wide Narrow and whether it can help increase productivity or speed to insight.


Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to actionImproving competitive intelligence workflow   

Jinfo has just launched a product review of workflow software Wide Narrow which dives into what the platform can do and the advantages, value and the technology it offers.

If you're looking at making competitive intelligence flow better in your organisation and improve productivity, it's definitely worth a read!

Wide Narrow is a cloud-based software for intelligence teams. As we know, teamwork is becoming the new dynamic within many successful companies. Wide Narrow aims to help teams to run smoothly and effortlessly.

Improving productivity

Wide Narrow uses artificial intelligence to assist efficient screening by taking your internal and external data sources and putting them all in one place for easy browsing.

It can combine your data together into a refined summary to which you can add your input, as well as asking for input from your colleagues.

Wide Narrow has a wealth of templates so you can make professional reports, competitor profiles and newsletters quickly and easily.

Learn more about Wide Narrow in our product review (Subscriber content).


What's in the review? 

This comprehensive review covers:

  • In-depth information about Wide Narrow and how it works
  • The advantages of this product
  • Background on the company
  • Who Wide Narrow can benefit and the value it can offer
  • Competitors to this product
  • What features the software has
  • The technology underpinning Wide Narrow
  • The easy sharing within Wide Narrow
  • The statistics the software generates
  • How to use Wide Narrow and what assistance/support they offer
  • And much more!

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