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By Catherine Dhanjal


Jinfo's Head of Product, Catherine Dhanjal, shares her top Jinfo articles, webinars, Community sessions and reports for the month of October, on subjects from audio rights to managing passwords.


Continuous improvement is high on our agenda for 2018 and we've made some incremental changes in the last few weeks. These include adding a clickable PDF of combined webinar and Community sessions onto our events pages, and improved design and quality process for our market landscapes.

Under scrutiny at the moment is the format for our events and if you'd like to give your comments, please complete the short SurveyMonkey. Your feedback is a critical part of our progression and every comment is appreciated. 

Here are some of my highlights from our October content and events:

  • Article: Non-text sources are sometimes undervalued but resources such as audio can provide different viewpoints. These are rising in popularity with increasing interest in podcasts and audiobooks for professional and business use. In "Audio rights within your organisation", copyright expert Clare Painter looks at the different elements of copyright which a recording may cover, audio licences and how you might license or distribute material you produce. 
  • Report: With increasing reliance on electronic and digital sources comes the challenge of managing passwords, subscriptions, allocating costs and reviewing usage. Our "Product review of Onelog" looks at how this tool helps those responsible for managing myriad resources, plus numerous publisher and vendor relationships. 
  • Webinar: Our October webinar, "State of the industry for AI in current awareness and intelligence", was the first in our Research Focus, "Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to action". It discussed the landscape of AI and the importance of using terms in a like-for-like sense. In addition, the webinar covered how to use Jinfo's models for current awareness provision and for intelligence systems, to plot where you are and whether you have areas of your service to develop. 

    Attend our webinars live, or view the recordings and download the decks with speaker notes after the event. 

  • Community session: At Jinfo, we have Subscribers with a wide variety of job titles but responsibilities tend to fall into three main areas: content purchasing, information strategy and managing a team of researchers. The deck for the October Community session, "Jinfo for optimising a team of researchers", looks in particular at how to make the most of your team and maximise their capacity, and we flag up a number of tools which could help create efficiencies. 

    Attend our live, confidential, facilitated Community sessions or download decks and speaker notes after the event.

    If you don't yet have Community on your Subscription and would like the opportunity to attend a session, contact us for a taster invitation. (Please note that all new subscriptions include Community.)


Next steps

  • Visit the webinar and Community pages to view the new clickable PDF, combining our upcoming webinar and Community session listings.
  • Share what's upcoming with our monthly "Forthcoming in Jinfo" PDF, for a sneak peek at the month ahead.

If you have a suggestion, do contact me, your thoughts are always welcome.

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