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By Anja Chemnitz Thygesen

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My Favourite Tipples are shared by Anja Thygesen, a specialist in Scandinavian research and corporate intelligence. She shares some of her go-to resources in the field of macroeconomic and worldwide company data as well as non-work resources from cooking to art.


As an independent researcher, I work on very different projects. I do both market and competitive intelligence projects - often together with my pan-European research colleagues from OneAnswer and their networks. I am also engaged in recruiting projects which go hand-in-hand with my research skills. As I often have to get from zero to 100 in no time, I use Google (of course) and Wikipedia, which I find is getting better and better.

My colleague Irene Koren and I have developed a training series for consultants, people in business development and others with interest in improving their researching skills. Our participants are often surprised by the functionalities of Google advanced search and the possibilities of changing the results page to 100 results instead of just 10. I always use these to optimise my Google searching.

In all types of projects, I use LinkedIn a lot, to research companies and people and for finding experts. The advanced search on Linkedin Recruiter Lite is quite good - and you can find some of the same functionalities if you use the filter functions in the standard version of LinkedIn.

Here are some other sources I use frequently:

  • CEIC: This source has information on all kinds of statistics and macroeconomic data, especially on emerging markets. It is one of the few I have come across which has fairly flexible pricing - and this is very much appreciated by independent researchers who may not need expensive and long subscriptions. I have recently come across this source and hope to try it out on one of my projects in future.
  • Orbis: This source of worldwide company information, from Bureau van Dijk, is one that I have been using for years.
  • Wayback Machine: For competitive intelligence projects, I sometimes have to find historical websites of companies. They can provide a wealth of information about the product portfolio, pricing and strategic focus back in time. The Wayback Machine is a perfect tool to use for this kind of research.

For fun:

  • Kirsten Skaarup: At the end of the day, I really like to cook a nice meal for my family. I love cooking and often get inspiration for nice vegetarian meals from this site. Unfortunately, Kristen's website is only in Danish, but use Google Translate and enjoy her wonderful pictures.
  • Stine Ring Hansen: Stine is one of the artists in a small village near where I live. She has designed various sculptures, such as the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award, which has been awarded to people including JK Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Haruki Murakami - authors that also happen to be among my favourites.

A recent Jinfo article I found particularly interesting:

  • Bureau van Dijk has a number of different sources and you can get a good overview in the Market landscape - Bureau van Dijk from August this year which provides a good overview of the sources.


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