Clara Cabrera My Favourite Tipples from a law librarian active in diversity in LIS
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By Clara Cabrera


My Favourite Tipples are shared by Clara Cabrera, research and reference supervisor and SLA co-convener of the Diversity, Inclusion, Community & Equity (DICE) Caucus. She outlines sources that cover social justice and LIS.


Keeping up with the events and current topics of discussion in social justice and activism in LIS is about following the work of leaders on these issues. There are many people who I greatly respect doing the work, engaging fellow professionals, and sharing information and resources. These are some of the ways I try to keep pace with it all:

  • In The Library With The Lead Pipe: This journal covers some great ground. Some of the articles I've enjoyed reading and thinking about are those written by April Hathcock, Jennifer Vinopal, Fobazi Ettarh, Stephanie Rosen and many other great thinkers and writers.
  • Library Juice Press: This academic publisher is a go-to for books on various social justice topics of interest. I have a shelf of these titles, including those edited by Melissa Morrone, Nicole A. Cooke, Annie Downey, Lua Gregory, Shana Higgins, Maria T. Accardi, Emily Drabinski, and many more whose work I follow wherever I see it.
  • Twitter: Primarily, I follow some of the folks I have seen speak at conferences who have authored in this area, or people who I know personally from having informal conversations about various LIS issues. In addition, these are some of the groups I follow: @diversebooks, @NYCRadRef, @libdiverse, @librarieswehere, @derailforum, @librariesresist. And to follow general topics, I'll search on a hashtag such as #iamalibrarian, #POClibrarians, #POCinLIS or whatever it might be for a conference or symposium centred on social justice and diversity in LIS.
  • Libraries: we here: On this blog, "library and archive workers of colour share their narratives". It's published on Medium, a platform that self-publishing information professionals use to share their thoughts. These formats are giving long-form treatment to ideas that may have started in shorter scale on Twitter, or as a more informal space to flesh out ideas on their way to journal articles, conference sessions or book chapters. Another writer worth following on Medium is "rural tech geek" Jessamyn West.

For fun:

  • I love seeing folks interact with library resources in new and fun ways. One of my favourite Instagram hashtags is #bookfacefriday. Folks complete, or turn on their head, book jacket covers. From children's books to romance novels and memoirs, all have their covers extended by happy readers around the world.

An article in Jinfo I found particularly interesting:

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