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By Robin Neidorf

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Do you need to enhance the way you communicate the importance reliable information and information strategy across your business? Find out how Jinfo resources can help.


Reliable information, and strategy around how to use it as an asset, are critical to the success of any organisation.

Why is it so difficult to communicate this essential truth to senior leadership in a way that sticks with them over time?

Jinfo offers a number of avenues for closing the gap, including:

A current Jinfo Consulting client in the manufacturing sector has achieved some success with the head of digital R&D.

This information team reported to us: "[Our head] is now using language about information value and risk; he's now preempting some of our questions on likely use-cases and desired impact because of the effort we've put into educating him."

Progress is possible, with persistence, support and resources. Regardless of how far your stakeholders are from full understanding of the risks - and possibilities - of information value, we can help you close that gap.

Start the conversation today.

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