Brandy King Final days to participate in current awareness survey - early findings highlight what "value" means
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By Brandy King


Jinfo is nearly finished with data collection for a survey of information professionals about how they provide current awareness intelligence to their organisations, but there is still time to participate.


You still have a few days to participate in the Jinfo Survey, "Current awareness and intelligence 2020" - take 10 minutes to do it now, and you'll get a copy of the report upon publication.

When we're finished collecting data, we'll have a number of insights to help you learn more about strategy around current intelligence. Two insights we've gained so far are:

  • 87% of respondents deliver current awareness newsletters/alerts to senior leadership. With so many information professionals tasked with the responsibility of keeping the C-suite up to date on their areas of expertise, there is a clear business case about the value of information services to an organisation.

  • 65% of respondents use a platform, either customer-built or out-of-the-box, to manage and deliver current awareness. With so many sources to evaluate, current awareness can be a time-intensive service to provide. The increasing use of platforms likely points to the need for efficiency and effectiveness.

    If you are also using a platform, our survey data will help you compare your use to others. If you haven't yet found a platform, our data could point you toward platforms to consider.

Take our 10 minute survey, and as a thank you for participating, Jinfo will send you a copy of the survey results.

Along with the completion of this original research, Jinfo will be preparing articles, webinars and Community sessions on the topic of intelligence so that information professionals have a variety of ways to learn from our carefully-honed insights./p>

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