Jinfo BlogInsight 1 from Research Focus on benchmarking - the most important variable may surprise you

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By Robin Neidorf

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As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation", we identify which is the most influential datapoint for determining the highest value of and potential for your department in your organisation.


Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformationThe starting point for actionable benchmarking is not where you may think it is.

Reporting structure is the most influential datapoint for determining the highest value of and potential for your department in your organisation.

Jinfo's benchmarking research prioritises the following in developing the right peer groups for meaningful analysis:

  • Reporting structure: where do you report, and which other areas of expertise are in that reporting line with you?

  • Team capacity: what is the ratio of FTEs in the information service compared with the size of the customer base you serve? Compared with the size of the organisation overall?

  • Range of services: what's your balance of enabling end-users and delivering expert services? Where might there be more valuable opportunities, and where could you reduce or eliminate investment of time and resources?

If you're starting with industry, spend levels or other common variables, you are looking in the wrong place for benchmarking. Which makes it hard - if not impossible - to use the data meaningfully, to future-proof your service.


Here's what you can do:

New corporate strategies? New business director? Reorg on the horizon? Key staffing changes? Or just time for a strategic refresh? Benchmarking insights create a solid foundation for change - our data provides context and points you towards the next right development in your environment.

We provide a deeper dive into the strengths and weaknesses of different reporting structures through the following reports:

Find your current structure - or the one you think you might be reorganised to - and gain a better understanding of what's working in your favour and where you need to shore up against inherent structural weaknesses.

Two webinars will also help you interpret and use our benchmarking data:

If you cannot attend a webinar, a recording is made available, as is the deck with notes.



You can get plenty of insight about and from our benchmarking work from the Content and Community created in the Research Focus, "Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation", included in your Jinfo Subscription.

If you are ready for a more in-depth analysis, however, Jinfo Consulting offers personalised assessments, based on your priorities and constructed around the peer group(s) that are most meaningful to your reporting structure, capacity and range of services.

Learn more about assessments, and contact Claire Laybats for more information.


Resources relating to this insight:

Webinars: (listen live or catch up with the recording and deck afterwards)

Community sessions: (participate live or download the deck and speaker notes afterwards)

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