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By Claire Laybats


Make 2020 your year for strategic portfolio planning with Jinfo's unique impact-based approach to managing your portfolio where you'll learn new approaches to maximising value, communicating with stakeholders and negotiating with suppliers.


"I know I should be thinking about strategy and my stakeholder communications; I can't find the time to do it."

This is the most common response we get from professionals responsible for content licensing when we talk with them about strategic portfolio management. As many of our customers move into a particularly busy season of negotiations and renewals, time is even more of a premium.

Here's the good news:

Now is not the time.

If you are up against a wave of contracts, stakeholder meetings, user feedback and procurement, adding strategic planning to your plate will only be frustrating.

Instead, stake your claim to planning time in early 2020, and our Consulting workshop, "Holistic content portfolio management", in order to create the time, structure and accountability for this investment.


Impact-based strategy

Jinfo's workshop structure enables you to learn and practice applying Jinfo's unique impact-based approach to managing your portfolio.

Your stakeholders care about efficiency, innovation, risk management, and generating revenue - holistic portfolio management aligns your portfolio with these goals and enables you to measure impact based on outcomes decision-makers understand.


Tapping into your top concerns

All our research is developed around what other professionals responsible for content licensing tell us matters to them. You'll find many of these top concerns in the previous "Jinfo for content purchasing" items published in 2019:

These challenges reflect the needs of your organisation, not the needs of your department. That's why we consider making the time for this type of thinking, planning and communication a responsibility you have to your organisation, not a "nice to have" under professional development.


Jinfo Consulting makes it accessible and manageable

Jinfo's Consulting workshop on "Holistic content portfolio management" will teach you new approaches to maximising value, communicating with stakeholders and negotiating with suppliers. Flexible delivery through online sessions enable remote teams to work together and break the learning into manageable chunks for better absorption and practice.

Customise your workshop with additional modules on data licensing, stakeholder reporting and negotiations, as needed.

Make 2019 the last year you cope with the busy season by churning through tasks. Learn more, and then contact us today to set the stage for a strategic 2020.

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Benefit from our research

Our proven processes, resources and guidance will help your team make the shift from transaction centre to strategic asset.


Designed around the most common challenges and pain points for time- and resource-strapped information teams

Supercharge remote productivity and value
Holistic content portfolio management
Future-proof your information service
Executive-ready communications


A tailored overview of our research and active discussion with your Jinfo analyst.


Measure your starting point to articulate your strengths and set priorities for future improvements. Assessments gauge risk, capacity, value and more.

Read case studies, and start the conversation:

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Connect your team with the practical tools, original research and expertise to build and support information strategy in your organisation.

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