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By Robin Neidorf


Find out how to make strategy more practical by bridging the gap between ideas and daily operations.


Translating and distilling insights from "strategy retreats" into immediately actionable points for the team can be challenging.

The current Research Focus, "The Information Centre of Excellence - commercial, consultative, collaborative", produces materials that bridge that implementation gap and moves the big ideas to day-to-day operations.

Our top three insights, which you can get full-text into your inbox by registering your interest here, help bridge that gap. But sometimes it helps to have someone walk you through the ideas as well.

If you have not accessed a Jinfo Webinar, the three produced for this Research Focus are a great introduction to how we make strategy practical:

  • The State of the Industry 2020: recorded in January, provides an overview of the top trends in our industry and how we see Centres of Excellence addressing them

  • Content portfolio as part of strategy: which ran last week and is also available via recording, addresses the age-old question of how to measure value and impact of content investments, beyond usage reports (inadequate) and case studies (time consuming)

  • Commercial awareness for information professionals: runs in March and confronts the new-ish concept of commercially aware information teams. Join this session to learn more about one of the most valuable characteristics information teams can have.

All Jinfo Webinars are included as part of a Jinfo Subscription, and pricing starts at £2400 per year. Learn more about the benefits, then start your subscription for immediate access to the full range of practical resources we have produced to help you continue your journey towards excellence.

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