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Monday, 15th September 2008

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Blogs just seem to keep on growing up. Initially seen as a means for the underemployed and the self-opinionated, they have morphed into one of the keenest sources of niche information, often developed by specialists for specialists. Even the mundane world of insurance has got into the business: so much so that The LexisNexis Insurance Law Center http://law.lexisnexis.com/practiceareas/Insurance has presented awards to the top fifty blogs in this sector. The vendor considers that the blogs (or “blogsites”) contain ‘some of the best writing out there on coverage, catastrophic loss, regulatory compliance, life insurance, health care and insurance issues in general http://digbig.com/4xmmx.’ As well as the honour of the award there is a special logo that the winners can add to their blogs. LexisNexis has also provided a draft press release to which the blogger can add personal details and load onto the blog. Presumably there was some concern that the informal nature of blogging would not properly reflect the status of the award. The LexisNexis Insurance Law Center is just over a year old and is an interactive site on the Internet for the insurance business, including attorneys, judges, government officials, insurance regulators, academics, researchers, insurers, policyholders, claim managers, underwriters, adjusters, agents and producers, law students, law librarians and journalists. The vendor says that the site contains commentary, blogs, news headlines, people information, podcasts, webinars, and links to insurance industry events.

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