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Monday, 10th November 2008

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Even organisations that might seem quite staid in their approach to information services are recognising the importance of new ways of doing things. The latest of these is the World Bank, which has added a Google Maps mashup to show where it is funding projects. A map on the website http://geo.worldbank.org/ has markers indicating the countries of the world. A star on the marker shows that that country has an active World Bank programme in place: by clicking on the marker a pop-up window gives the country name, a picture of its flag and some basic statistics. By further clicking on the projects tab in the window users can find a list of the projects that the Bank is funding. The titles of the projects are active Web links and therefore will give further information on each. This site is a quick way of seeing where the Bank is active and finding out what kind of projects are being undertaken in which countries.

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