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Monday, 17th November 2008

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Throughout the year we have seen instances of information vendors hooking up with software companies to offer social networking or contact database services to clients. The latest of these is LexisNexis http://www.lexisnexis.com joining forces with UpdatePower http://www.updatepower.com/ to deliver company profile information into a number of LexisNexis databases, such as Directory of Corporate Affiliations, The Advertising Red Books and ExecRelate. UpdatePower is involved in automated company profiling and in contact verification solutions and aims to provide data in real time. The company reports that nearly a billion trusted Web sources are used to track and verify company profile changes in around three million company indexes. Speaking about the partnership Greg Migaki, President and CEO of UpdatePower Corporation said, ‘Our automated technologies and customised content platform supporting LexisNexis products allows their clients to stay well informed with the right information, which is critical for successful account management, opportunity awareness and prospecting activities’ http://www.updatepower.com/corporate/press_091008.html.

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