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Tuesday, 7th August 2012

By Robin Neidorf

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The articles highlighted in this issue of the Information Practice Newsletter are categorised by many job function categories, making plain the ever-present need to collaborate across roles and divisions to raise the value of information in your organisation. Further supporting this principles is the recently published FreePint Report: Enterprise Collaboration.


Collaboration is likely to be an evergreen topic in information practice. One of the recently published FreePint Reports now available to subscribers focuses entirely on Enterprise Collaboration. But even more notable is the number of times you'll find articles in this issue of the Information Practice Newsletter categorised with multiple job functions: Internal communications and intranet management; Competitive intelligence and research; Research and intranet management; Knowledge management and competitive intelligence. No matter what your job function, you have to be able to share information and collaborate effectively across departments.

The details about sources, search options and user interface in Scott Brown's review of Attensa StreamServer are equally essential -- though for different reasons -- to researchers who might be using the tool, as to intranet managers who may be responsible for integrating it with architecture. Researchers will want to know what Scott discovered about the foundations of a powerful tool for delivering topic and trending awareness to their desktops, whilst intranet managers will be more concerned with how complex implementation and maintenance might be. (Researchers interested in scientific information will also want to check out Yulia Aspinall's review of Scopus from Elsevier.) 

In another vein, Dale Moore's discussion of a recent report on "Big Data" suggests ways that CI and knowledge management professionals might find fertile ground for collaboration. An enormous amount of internal, unstructured data could be better managed and analysed by applying Big Data principles and tools. Knowledge managers seeking to improve their organisation's ability to "know what it knows" might well benefit from picking the brains of resident CI specialists: Given a pool of unstructured data about a target company, they might ask their CI colleagues, what would you want to know and how would you go about finding it?

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