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Friday, 18th November 2016

By Norma Beavers

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Value can be elusive and means different things to different organisations but you can achieve it by using the tried and tested "Jinfo model for developing an approach to understanding and measuring value". Norma Beavers investigates.


Every business is in search of better value these days - but how do you measure it and actually achieve it?

Getting there isn't easy but one thing's for sure, you stand a better chance of answering that all-important question if you consider Jinfo's proven approach to asking and answering the very questions that will help you to measure and receive value.

Jinfo Subscribers can log in to see the full how-to and commentary in "Jinfo model for developing an approach to understanding and measuring value" (PDF).

Director of research at Jinfo, Robin Neidorf, explains, "Jinfo has been working on value and what it means for customers across a range of industries for years. 

"What we've learned is that the definition of 'value' will be unique to a particular organisation, and sometimes even to a specific part of an organisation. There isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' formulation that guarantees success with your budget holders and decision-makers."

Use your data

In "Jinfo model for developing an approach to understanding and measuring value", Robin looks at the very heart of what it takes to deliver value.

You'll find activity sheets to help you sort through the important issues so you can map out what matters most in your quest for value.

The model can be used to understand and measure return on investment (ROI) and a key thing to remember, as Robin says, is that value will mean different things to different people and different organisations.

Put your data into the activity sheets in this report and you'll get results that are specific to your needs!

Use the model to ultimately develop your own collection of formulas for asking and answering the right questions about your organisation and objectives, as well as about your stakeholders and users. If you want to really capture value in 2017, now's the time to read what Robin has to say, and to do your strategic planning.

Find out more

"To have a strategic plan for driving value, you have to first know and document your stakeholders," Robin concludes.

Why not use Jinfo's stakeholder map, which Robin describes as "a living document" to give yourself a head start. The map and activity sheets are all included in "Jinfo model for developing an approach to understanding and measuring value".

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