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Tuesday, 4th July 2017

By Catherine Dhanjal

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Find out how Altmetric tracks online activity and conversations around scholarly research outputs - and who benefits from this. Read our latest product review to find out more about Altmetric's future plans and our reviewer's in-depth write-up.


Altmetrics - alternative metrics - are a way to understand the impacts of research. They can be collated from anywhere online where research is being discussed.

Jinfo's "Product review of Altmetric" looks at how the company specialises in "working behind the scenes, collecting and collating all of this disparate information to provide you with a single visually engaging and informative view of the online activity surrounding your scholarly content".

The Jinfo "Product review of Altmetric" is now available for subscribers or one-off purchase.

From weekend to worldwide

Starting out as a part-time "evenings and weekends" project in 2011 during the growing altmetrics movement, Altmetric grew to what it is today boosted by founder Euan Adie winning funding from an innovation competition - Elsevier's Apps for Science. 

Altmetric later received funding from Digital Science, which aims to "empower researchers with the best technology so that time can be spent on what really matters - making discoveries", and is still part of the group today.

Online tools created by Altmetric measure the attention that scientific articles receive through social media and online news sites. These tools are now used by researchers, publishers, academics and funders around the world - opening up new possibilities for worldwide collaboration.

Altmetrics expert

Our reviewer, Andy Tattersall, is the editor of a book, "Altmetrics: A practical guide for librarians, researchers and academics", which gives an overview of altmetrics, its tools and how to implement them successfully to boost and measure research outputs.

He is also an ambassador for Altmetric.

Find out more

Jinfo Subscribers can log in now to read "Product review of Altmetric" and find out more about the value the product offers, the wide range of sources used, how it collates them and how each of these sources is weighted using the attention score. The review also covers Altmetric's pricing model and explores the help and training available.

If you do not have a Jinfo Subscription, you can purchase this report with a credit card.

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