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Monday, 16th October 2017

By Robin Neidorf

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In the third insight from our Research Focus, "Define and manage value for current awareness", we look at the importance of planning three years ahead to identify the key milestones to work on now to reach your 2020 goals.


Define and manage value for current awarenessJinfo's third insight in our Research Focus: "Define and manage value for current awareness" focuses on the future: design the system you think will meet your organisation's needs in 2020, and work backwards from there to determine where you need to invest in technology, content and skills in 2017.

We are in exciting times for current awareness. In our consumer lives, it's never been easier to stay informed about topics we care about. And as 2018 approaches, corporate current awareness is ready to adopt and adapt some of the tools and processes that drive discovery and access.

Think freely

Amongst the elements to incorporate in your 2020 design:

Start with a clean slate. Consider the ideal future state without limiting it with assumptions about continuing with current products, workflows or formats. With an hour or two of imaginative brainstorming, you can develop a clear description of what a functional and valuable current awareness system will look like in the near future.

Test the gaps

THEN consider where you are today and where the biggest gaps are between your vision and your reality.

Develop your plan to fill those gaps through research, discussions with your suppliers, testing of new products and tools, engagement with IT and/or other departments that can help with the internal technology aspects, and dialogue with stakeholders about what "value" means for current awareness provision.

For example, what would be missing from decision-making, risk management and business growth without current awareness?

The provision of current awareness is an activity that many information services have been offering for decades. These activities generally have evolved organically, rather than through clear-eyed strategy. With the emerging maturity of technology and burgeoning of potential source materials, now is the time to take a more strategic approach.


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