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Thursday, 19th October 2017

By Victoria Alford

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Read Jinfo's review of the new Dow Jones DNA (Data, News and Analytics) platform, which allows users to download large quantities of data to use in text mining and other solutions. The platform is currently in beta release.


Stake your claim in the success of data analyticsDow Jones DNA (Data, News and Analytics) is a new platform that allows developers to access data, news and analytics from Dow Jones, and incorporate this into their own analytics and text-mining applications.

It is still in the early stages of development, and we were delighted to be able to review the product while it's still in beta release. Jinfo Subscribers can read the full report in PDF.

Dow Jones DNA has been designed to offer various solutions to leverage intelligence and help your organisation stay ahead of the competition.

The "open intelligence" platform is a set of capabilities, as opposed to one end-user product.

There are three ways the platform can be used:


Diving deep into data

As report author Chris Porter reports, "Jinfo believes that Dow Jones DNA is a significant advance on previous solutions for text mining, as it puts both a technical and a commercial/licensing infrastructure in place to give customers easy access to a significant body of licensed content, with a very deep archive." 

The Dow Jones DNA platform, a service known as DNA Snapshots, provides the chance to download very large amounts of data to use in text mining and other applications for your organisation.

The deep archive offers over 33,000 sources, and other content sets including real-time news, analysis and company profile data.

It's also possible through the platform to stream content and data if you're after real-time information.

You're then able to incorporate this content into your own applications.

In our product review of Dow Jones DNA, we cover areas including:

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