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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

By Robin Neidorf

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Are you applying service reengineering techniques to optimise your research team? Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, explains how it can help.


For the past several years, Jinfo has hosted "State of the industry" Community sessions at the start of the year, highlighting what our research tells us will be the most important topics and themes for the coming year. For "State of the industry 2018", one of our core themes is service reengineering.

Anyone responsible for optimisation of a research team take note: getting further faster doesn't mean superhuman efforts, doubling your headcount or cutting off a significant segment of your customer base. It means applying the principles of service reengineering to ensure you are:

  1. Using your team to full capacity
  2. Spending your most important resource - your time - on the activities that are most important to the business.

Make no mistake: this is not easy work. It requires us to take a hard look at how we get things done, be willing to pull them apart, and embrace change. However, I have seen first-hand the transformation that takes place when a research team applies these principles even to one portion of their work. 

Some examples include:

Jinfo's broad base of industry research enables us to take the best experiences, analyse them to understand what makes them successful, and turn them into practical models and resources you can use in your own environment. Use the resources listed below to incorporate service reengineering into your 2018 plans. Or contact us about Jinfo Consulting, for a more personal approach.


Recent Subscription content of particular interest to our customers involved with optimising teams of researchers:



Webinars - recordings available to view for anyone with a Jinfo Subscription



We're piloting online workshops in 2018, and they are off to a solid start. We still have a few seats available in the next one, which focuses on optimisation of information and research teams:

This is a three-session workshop, offered through Jinfo Community. If you have Community on your Jinfo Subscription, you can register for these workshops today.

But you do not need a subscription to participate. Join the workshop with a registration fee of £450. Learn more and register here, or send an enquiry to support@jinfo.com for more information. Only a few seats remain.

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