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Thursday, 21st March 2019

By Robin Neidorf

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We teach the Jinfo process for confronting the pressures of time using our acronym SOAPS: Streamline, Outsource, Automate and Push back or Stop doing. Learn more through our Subscription resources, Jinfo Consulting and more fundamental pieces available on our blog.


Information teams bump up against the reality of the clock all the time. They often have one of two responses:

  1. What can we stop doing?
  2. But we can't stop doing ANYTHING!

Some teams give both responses - in the same breath.

Streamline, Outsource, Automate, Push back or Stop doing ... SOAPS.

There is a better way: SOAPS. It's a process we teach in our Consulting workshop, "Do better with less: workflow optimisation", which we can customise and bring into your department through Jinfo Consulting services.

We know you're facing pressure on time and capacity. But you don't have to start with "Stop doing". Start with "Streamline". And we bet that by the time you get to the end of SOAPS, you'll have freed up more resources than you expected and increased your value along the way.

Learn more about SOAPS

You may start with the fundamental explanation on our blog, and then consider our Subscription resources, especially our Jinfo models on automation and optimisation, value-based operations, and query management.

What's next?

Whether you rely on your Jinfo Subscription or enquire about a targeted one-on-one approach with Jinfo Consulting, adopting and adapting the SOAPS process reengineers department operations to focus your team on the work of higher value: strategy, analysis and executive-level client engagement. These are the new opportunities opening up to the information teams focused on the future.

Not yet a Subscriber?

If you do not yet have a Jinfo Subscription, or would like to learn more about consulting, contact Claire Laybats, our Head of Commercial Development.

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