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Thursday, 9th May 2019

By Robin Neidorf

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Find out how you can use Jinfo's Subscription resources and Consulting workshops to analyse and re-engineer your work to create capacity and much-needed time for strategy.


The research in Jinfo's active Research Focus, "Creating an Information Centre of Excellence", tells us that the lack of time and mental space to work strategically is a consistent feature of today's information services.

That's got to change, if information teams are to fully realise the value that they are capable of delivering. Jinfo's work on departmental optimisation offers you a new way of analysing and re-engineering your work, so that you can make time for the activities that are most valuable to your organisation.

As experienced professionals, we know we need to "make time" for the important stuff - planning for the future, laying out strategy, communicating more effectively. We also know that in the time it's taken to read these sentences, at least eight more emails have arrived.

Given time, most of us can figure out where we want to go. But that's exactly what we don't have. Time.

Create capacity for strategy

That's why we often say that optimisation - the process of deliberately creating capacity - is the practical side of strategic planning.  

Explore the solution in more detail when you register to receive our free insights for this Research Focus.

You'll get the first two insights when you register, and the third in June. All will give you practical suggestions for the tweaks - or major changes - you can make to move your department in a more strategic direction.  

And, if you're ready to bring optimisation awareness and skills into your team, consider our Jinfo Consulting workshop, "Do better with less: workflow optimisation". Click the link to learn more, then contact Claire Laybats to discuss your needs, timing and budget. 

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