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Thursday, 8th August 2019

By Robin Neidorf

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Benchmarking your information service requires good operational metrics about your department so you can make better decisions. Find out how Jinfo's useful resources and services can help you achieve this.


If you're trying to benchmark your information service against a peer group, start with line of reporting.

You'll get a more meaningful peer group by looking at other teams with a similar reporting line to you than by starting from industry, team size, or budget.

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Our second insight builds on the first: The combination of capacity, services delivered and complexity of services is what gives you a truly meaningful peer group against which to compare.

But the data are most useful only when you have operational metrics about your department. What are you investing your time in? What outcomes are you driving? How much are you processing transactions and how much delivering high-value expertise?

Benchmarking... then what?

Many information teams seek benchmarking data, but when we ask them about the purpose, their responses are often a variation of, "We want to know how we compare with others".

Benchmarking is valuable when it helps you make decisions. Which means you need to know what you are looking for and how you will use it.

Jinfo can help. We offer a benchmarking-based assessment, which interprets your results to identify strengths, weaknesses, recommended goals and priorities.

Through an online workshop with a Jinfo analyst, you and your team will dig into your results and discuss how you can use them to develop a success plan for 2020 and beyond.

Learn more about the assessment, then contact Claire Laybats, Head of Commercial Development, at claire.laybats@jinfo.com, to get started.

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