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Thursday, 6th February 2020

By Robin Neidorf

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Commercial awareness is now a prerequisite for information managers and their teams. Find out how you can uniquely position yourself to shape the future of information by delving into the many valuable resources Jinfo has to offer on this subject.


About two years ago, I started hearing the phrase, "commercial awareness" come up on the list of things forward-looking information managers most wanted to nurture within their departments.

Commercial awareness, along with consultancy skills, positions information teams as teams uniquely valuable to their organisations.

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Although "commercial awareness" cropped up relatively recently for information managers, I realised that it is a concept we have incorporated into our research, writing and consulting on information strategy at Jinfo for a long time.

Commercially aware information services:

This can be a challenging development for many information professionals who may feel that the "why" is beyond the scope of their expertise. It can be a balancing act, and the balance will look a little different between organisations or even across departments of a single organisation.

Within the Jinfo Subscription, you'll find an upcoming Webinar and Community session to help you explore further, along with an excellent analysis on the concept of commercial awareness in an article by Barbara Hirsh.

If you're ready to go further, consider the Consulting workshop, "Future-proof your information service," in which you'll learn to embed commercial awareness into how you think, operate and support your stakeholders.

Commercial awareness is our future. It's exciting, it's stimulating, and it's your opportunity to shape the future of information.

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