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In a rapidly changing field like information, you need sensible ideas and feedback from others who have experienced - and have resolved - strategic challenges similar to yours.

Jinfo's Community sessions bring information professionals together for research-based, facilitated discussions on essential topics such as:

  • Vendor and product trends
  • Contract negotiation and portfolio management
  • Determining, measuring and improving the performance of a research service
  • Strategies around analytics and other new technologies
  • Stakeholder management and communications.

Comments from Community participants:

"It's helpful to talk to so many people who worry about the sorts of things that I do, like how to get the best value for the organisations we work for. You get that breadth of experience and elicit those shared agendas. There are some things that we all struggle with, and hearing what other people have tried that works or doesn't work always saves me a lot of time and energy." - Director, scientific knowledge services, manufacturing

"[The Community session] was excellent... it gave me a lot of food for thought and I want to work through a couple of the exercises before the ideas leave my head. I thought that hearing other people's experiences and ideas was especially useful." - Senior knowledge manager, professional services

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For £1200 per year, Jinfo Community gives you access to each of our confidential monthly discussions. If you already have Jinfo Content, we can pro-rate the cost to align with your existing renewal.

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View upcoming and past sessions here.

We make a limited number of seats in these sessions as "tasters" for those who are seriously considering adding Community.

How can I help?

As you gather information to support your budget approval for 2018, I'm here to help. Complete the form to:

  • Request access to one session as a taster
  • Ask me about what other information centres have found most useful about our sessions
  • Ask me about what we plan to cover in the future and how we plan and facilitate our sessions
  • Request a proposal.

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"Jinfo professionals are the information services experts. We find their unbiased third-party product reviews very helpful to assist us in making informed decisions!"

Research manager, manufacturing

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