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Data FutureJust as information professionals needed to translate their skills from print to digital, so too do we need to reinterpret and reshape our expertise to deliver value in the new world of data.

Data is valued differently, moves differently into and through an organisation, and needs to be licensed differently.

Through our research and work with information teams, we have found two primary challenges pop up repeatedly:

Your source expertise is essential for enabling your organisation to make smart decisions around external data.

This means new licensing terms, different suppliers, and a host of uncertainties in an emerging field.

But most important for most information teams is the urgency of developing and managing ROI of what can be significant costs.

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Data projects require collaboration, but what's "ours", what's theirs and how do we partner?

Learn, hire or partner? The range of data-related skills organisations need expands all the time.

Information teams have a critical role to play, but it's going to look different in every organisation.

Develop your roadmap for the data-driven future and build the partnerships that will strengthen data projects and strategy moving forward.

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Jinfo Research ConsultingIf you're working on the transition towards a data-driven environment, you may discover gaps in your team's expertise, in your contracts and licences, and in the information strategy you use to guide day-to-day activities and long-term project prioritisation. Jinfo has worked with dozens of information teams to help them identify their unique potential for value in a data-driven organisation, as well as how to shift their thinking, strategy and operations to meet the demands of the future. Work with Jinfo Consulting to set strategy, identify skill gaps, develop an approach to measuring the ROI of data, and better understand use-cases and how to deliver value.

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